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Clogged Pipes? You May Need Some Drain Cleaning!

For over 25 years the team at Priority Plumbing and Heating have helped the homeowners of Long Island keep their plumbing and heating systems running perfectly. So many components go into making that happen. One of the top aspects of a properly running plumbing system is a clean drainage system.


There are some key indications that you may need to have your home’s drain system cleaned. Have you been fighting with clogged sinks or backed-up toilets? These may sound like common, even simple issues. However, if you have been experiencing them on a regular basis, it is pretty likely that the problem is bigger than anything a plunger can fix. Consider protecting your home’s plumbing system by getting your drains professionally cleaned each year. Priority Plumbing and Heating is here to help!

What’s the Deal With These Drains?

Have you been plunging until your hands are sore, or shoving snakes in your sink without any results? The problem probably runs way deeper than the pipe under the kitchen sink. Over time, the major drainage system under your house can become clogged by unexpected culprits like:

  • Algae
  • Mold
  • Tree root intrusion

If you can’t clear the drains on your own, there’s a good chance you’ve got some major damage. Call Priority Plumbing and Heating today to check out the situation.

Play it Safe, Call a Pro

A “do it yourself” approach to your clogged drain is admirable, but not always wise. If the clog is a result of mold, your pipes might be corroded. Mineral deposits and other culprits like tree roots or mold can cause this to happen. This also means that toxic gasses could be seeping into your home, spelling danger for your loved ones.  It is important that you avoid contact with the pipes and be mindful of your own safety. Play it safe and call Priority Plumbing and Heating today!

Protect Your Pipes!


Although many people wait to call a plumber until an emergency arises, it is a smart move to carry out some at home basic maintenance. Routine maintenance of your home’s pipes is very important. Although you may not want to admit it, you could be a part of the problem. Most popular drain cleaners are dangerous for your pipes and often cause corrosion and rust. Also, be mindful of what you flush down the toilet. Flushing anything besides human waste and toilet tissue could result in major drain clogs. Replacing your pipes is expensive and a very complicated procedure. It is far more cost-effective to get your drains cleaned once a year by Priority Plumbing and Heating.

Our team takes pride in helping the families of Long Island keep their plumbing clean and functional. Priority Plumbing and Heating is here to provide you exceptional service for all your plumbing needs, especially annual drain cleaning. Contact us anytime to discuss setting up annual drain cleaning for your home!