Farmingdale Plumbing Service

For over 25 years, the team at Priority Plumbing & Heating has taken pride not only in our quality of work, but our priority in customer satisfaction. We make sure that your plumbing service needs are met with courtesy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. One of the many other attributes that allow us to take pride in our work is the loyalty of our customers. Nothing says satisfaction like repeat business, and nothing garners success like word of mouth. We are happy to report that over our almost 3 decades of experience, Priority Plumbing & Heating has seen customer loyalty from some of Long Island’s many towns. Although Priority Plumbing & Heating is a full service, Long Island wide plumbing and boiler service company, we are proud to say that much of our success comes from repeat business from some of these wonderful towns. Farmingdale is certainly no exception to this.

Farmingdale has been a transportation hub of Long Island since the 1830’s when the Long Island Rail Road was first erected. The town still has an operating train station there to this day. Farmingdale also hosts exits for some of the island’s main roads including Route 109, Route 110, the Southern State Parkway, and the Long Island Expressway. Some excellent nightlife exists in Farmingdale including the Library Cafe, and Dakota. Farmingdale also serves as home to two major movie theaters of Long Island including the Farmingdale Stadium 10, and the Showcase Multiplex. One of Long Island’s only amusement parks, Adventureland, is also located in Farmingdale, providing summer fun for families across the island. For these reasons and many more, Priority Plumbing & Heating is proud to serve the town of Farmingdale.